About us

About LivingHistoryShop.eu

Living History Shop is the webshop for the fan of living history, re-enactment or living outside. In this webshop we try to build up a nice range in awesome products that are as strong as in the old days. We started with camping/cooking supplies, because we think in terms of living history. What do you need first to survive? Food and drinks! That is why we started with that product group, and from there we plan expand to all aspects except for weapons. There are so many shops for reenactment weapons that we cannot add anything useful. 😉 Do you need something, but can’t find it in the webshop? Feel free to leave us a message and we will search for you (or make it in our own workshop)!

Some of the products we will produce ourselves or will be made by craftsmen we know. It may be that there are small differences in the products, but that is part of the character!

The merchants behind Livinghistoryshop.eu

Hello, we are Rob van der Stelt and Nienke Janszen from Livinghistoryshop.eu. We have been deeply interested in living history and outdoor living for a long time. In 2005, Rob became more known in the scene when he and his brother and sister in law came up with the Castlefest event and initiated it. That event grew incredibly fast and in the following year they started Keltfest and a number of Medieval Knights Spectacles (which unfortunately did not make it). The company Vana Events which they started, had suddenly become a large company. After an intense burnout with many physical complaints with Rob, we stopped the stress of organising theme events and transferred our share in Vana Events to our brother and sister in law. This gave us the opportunity to recover and then dive into the garden with our webshop ecotuintje.nl.

Yet it started to itch and we miss the living history part of the events intensely. That is why we have taken the step to set up LivingHistoryShop.eu in addition to Ecotuintje. LivingHistoryShop.eu is not just a webshop. We collected our old reenactment gear to attend markets as reenactment exhibitor, starting at Medieval festijn Hernen 2019 (NL). So now we run a second shop, next to Ecotuintje.nl, in things that we think are very cool. Our old hobby is back again! It could not be better!

Nienke en Rob
Foto: Hans Glaudemans


Sustainability is paramount in our webshop (just like at Ecotuintje.nl). We like good strong products that do what they are made for and are made with an eye for the environment (as far as possible). We also have sustainability as a guideline outside our products, by using recycled packaging materials and having our solar panels generate the electricity for our home base for example. So it is possible that your product will be sent to you in an old moving box used by our nephew Ricky or friend Marnix / Koen, which before that was used to transport cups for the events of Vana Events. Triple reuse is possible!