Campfire cooking set 7 parts

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This campfire cooking set is awesome! It contains 7 parts and consists of a campfire pot with a lid which can also be used as a pan, a frying pan with spout, a reversible grill plate with handles, a saucepan with lid and a lid hook. All these parts are packed in a simple wooden crate that is equipped with rope handles, making it easy to take the set with you. At the same time, the crate offers space for some additional cookware.

* without campfire grid

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Material: Castiron, paulownia wood, jute rope
Format: 28,9×28,0x15,8 cm / 19,7×29,5×4,6 cm / 19,1×30,6×13,4 cm / 40,0×20,5×1,7 cm
Weight: 11.81 Kg
Volume: 3,5 (+0,99l lid) / 0,65 / 1,3 liter

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Weight 11.81 kg