Forged Stand for Fire Bowl

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Matching with our fire bowl (product code 1901000100) we offer this useful and hand-forged stand. The tripod consists of three similar flat irons, which are bent to angles. The irons are each connected at the ends with the supplied screws or rivets, so that they build a tripod, which stands fix. Dismounted the stand doesn’t need much space.

This item is an ideal accessory for camp fire or historical events in parks or the city center, for it helps to avoid damages at the grass or other ground. Of course it suits well to be used in the home garden too.

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– Material: forged steel
– Dimensions: mounted approx. 50cm x 50cm x 40cm
– Suits well for fire bowls with a diameter of: approx 50 cm up to 80 cm
– Accessories: 6 screws with nuts, 6 rivets
– Weight: approx. 4 kg