Gridiron grill grate, hand-forged

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This is a very attractive replica of a gridiron grate popular among Romans and during the middle ages.
The grate can be placed over the camp fire or else hung from a tripod. There are rings attached to the gridirons legs for this purpose. All joints of the gridiron are riveted by hand.

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This product may show traces of soot from the forging process, as well as be slightly oily. We recommend a thorough scrubbing with oven cleaner and/or burning away oil stains in the fire.

Material: steel
Measurements: approx. 37 x 24 x 8 cm
Weight: approx. 2.4 kg

Legal Note
This item is a medieval prop, of which only few units are made and sold. A certification by food law authorities would be economically inefficient or else would inflate the sales price a lot. For this reason we must inform you that this item is a prop and neither certified nor suitable for use in food preparation.